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30 Days Of Sex • Life Change

365 nights of sex

I just thank God that I did n I'm a guy and the only reason I picked this book up at the local book exchange was even at my most virile I don't ever think I would be up for it every night. Sex became much more playful and that translated into a more playful union. Did they talk dirty? I was interested to see how husband Chad held out but there was no real mention of this or for that matter any other intimate details. Can It Strengthen a Marriage?

365 nights of sex

Doug Brown, author, Just Do It: Could you pretend you're enjoying it? This sets realistic expectations and often lowers anxiety. The author could have delved much, much deeper to make for a more compelling read. She has written a book called Nights about the birthday gift she gave her husband - a promise to have sex with him every night for a year. Continued When Doug Brown and his wife began their experiment in , they were juggling two kids and two jobs. Why not plan it and take advantage of it? Married for 14 years, they averaged sex three times a month. Pepper Schwartz, PhD, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle, says, "Whether or not it works, most couples can't do it. Charla Muller had been married for eight years to her husband, Brad, when she embarked on what she calls "the year of the gift" as a way to celebrate her husband's 40th birthday Rather than fixing anything wrong in her marriage , she writes that frequent sex made her happier, less angry, and less stressed. And if so, should she merely pretend to be a player of miniature bowling? Anticipation is a big part of sex. This book was total con and very hard to keep reading and I only finished it as I am such miserly bastard I needed to get my moneys worth out of the nominal price I paid for it. Can It Strengthen a Marriage? So while everyday sex isn't necessary, frequent sex is a great bonus and even an essential part of most couple's commitment and happiness with one another. Those who do maintain that kind of schedule have either a sexual appetite of Olympian proportions or have at least one partner who finds that as their most important way of staying connected and the other partner has tremendous grace and goodwill. Good for Your Relationship? Habituate yourself to regular sex, but don't ever let love become a routine, a robotic obligatory habit. Friends Talking message board. As other reviewers have pointed out, sex and intimacy are not one and the same. Re-examine your sex life -- often. But will daily sex really help a relationship that's hit a rough patch? I just thank God that I did n I'm a guy and the only reason I picked this book up at the local book exchange was even at my most virile I don't ever think I would be up for it every night. But from Charla's descriptions of sex - "Quickies count Sex is like pizza: Act on your desires. Two long-married couples decided to find out.

365 nights of sex

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