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Video about can you have sex with a soft cup:

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Can you have sex with a soft cup

Sure, the insertion process is trickier, but the end result is period sex with no mess, so for many women, it's worth it. But that was a problem for Future Me to handle. Ever tried the Softcup before? I'll go see a doctor. So that means you get the chance to get free Softcups. I didn't care what they wanted in return, so long as I left with my vagina intact and minus a Softcup. Based on their reported experiences, it seems like sex on the menstrual cup disposable only is worth a shot. This is not the correct position for the Softcup and can cause leakage. Basically one should sit preferably on the toilet , squeeze the rim together and push the Softcup down and towards the back so that it sits under the cervix.

Can you have sex with a soft cup

It was refreshing to stop hiding behind the version you so often present when you're dating early on and to just be real. That was a first for me! I thanked all the gods that day for this small miracle. Yup, you can have sex while using the Softcup and neither you or your partner will feel it. If you feel something in the vaginal canal like a tampon can feel , the Softcup is probably not far enough inside you. Pretty much the same as a diaphragm, except it has a slightly different purpose — Ha! Then he said the most memorable line I've ever heard, and still quote when I need a giggle. One Softcup is supposed to last for 12 hours, much longer than the average pad or tampon. Tweet Pin A menstrual cup can be a great, more environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads, but it does come with certain drawbacks. Since a Soft Cup is designed to be used once, it's made of more pliable material, and can go all the way up behind your cervix. Armed with the instructions, I inserted the Softcup and marveled at how right the instructions were. At some point before we fell asleep, I had a fleeting worry about how I'd get the Softcup out. I called Robert when I got home to let him know I was OK and rested with an icepack on my screaming abdomen. Something cool happened yesterday. Fortunately, Hottie McSurfer tells me that they see this all the time with diaphragms. Then he tried his fingers, and no dice. It can be a huge mess to change, women occasionally have problems with insertion and removal , and it can create difficulties if you decided to leave it in during intercourse. What is The Softcup? My last blog post in this series was about the Diva Cup, and you can read about it here. He told me that it was a good thing I came in because I never would have managed to get it out myself. Most women wait because they're embarrassed, and that can cause a host of other issues that I really don't want to think about. Yes, there are videos , and yes, I watched them all, multiple times. I squatted over the toilet, reached in, and my fingers found Woman lived your worst nightmare when her BF had to remove her menstrual cup However, if you're intent on doing it while your cup is in place, there are particular guidelines you should follow for your own comfort and safety. He asked me if I was OK, and I decided that we were both old enough for me to tell the truth. Of course my biggest question was: Six months into our relationship he confessed to me that he struggles with depression, and we've worked together to get him the help and support he needs.

Can you have sex with a soft cup

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  1. Inside your body, the Softcup molds itself immediately to your unique internal shape, forming a personal fit that ensures comfort and helps prevent leakage. We showed each other our real, imperfect, flawed, and very human selves.

  2. At the same time, it has a smaller footprint on the earth, our health and on our wallets than tampons and pads.

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