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First safe sex poster

Illustration of learning objectives at the intersection of performance objectives and personal determinants Performance objective Personal determinants and learning objectives. These relationships are about: Condoms have no side effects. Any sexual activity should only happen if you want it and feel okay about it Where can you get information or talk to someone about sex? Some of the changes that occur may lead to questions about yourself, and your relationships. We sometimes forget to be kind to ourselves. These learning objectives are at the intersection of performance objectives and their specific determinants. It is natural to like some things about ourselves more than others.

First safe sex poster

You can change your mind and say no. During these early stages of sex both partners may become aroused with feelings of sexual pleasure. Talk to your doctor about possible side effects such as bleeding, breast tenderness, feeling sick or changes in weight. If you have concerns about side effects talk to your doctor. When you are out: Make sure the penis does not touch the vagina, mouth or anus before being covered by a condom. However, these methods are not usually recommended for young people. It is a safe way of finding out what your body likes and how you respond. Condoms can be purchased in different sizes and shapes. If your friends are true friends they will respect what you want to do. Do you feel that you are ready to have sex? Kaore — No way! If you are concerned that you may be pregnant, see your doctor early for a test and to discuss your options, ie, what you can do. Using a water based lubricant with condoms helps to prevent them from breaking, eg, a woman may have a dry vagina if not sufficiently aroused. Condoms have no side effects. A woman ovulates releases an egg every month at the mid stage of her menstrual cycle. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of a community-level prevention programme which promotes the adoption and maintenance of safe sex among MSM who frequent commercial gay venues such as bars, saunas and sex shops. You can say no to sex and any unwanted sexual activity or touching. In recent years, an increase in high-risk sexual behaviours among MSM has also been observed in several countries [ 6 , 11—13 ]. They are free from sexual health services and your school health nurse. Practise putting on a condom, with your partner, before you have sexual intercourse for the first time, eg, during masturbation. Check the condom pack. The condom and the pill work well for young people. When pulling out hold the condom firmly at the base of the penis, so that no semen is spilt. Conception Without a condom or other form of contraception to prevent it, the sperm swims up into the womb uterus and along the fallopian tubes.

First safe sex poster

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  1. There are other forms of contraception such as the diaphragm, the intrauterine contraceptive device IUD , sterilisation, the withdrawal method or fertility management Natural Fertility New Zealand.

  2. A condom is a thin latex rubber or polyurethane sheath which is fitted over the penis. Have a pregnancy test two weeks after you have taken the emergency contraceptive pill to check if it has worked.

  3. PART ONE Taking care of your sexual health Know your body As well as the physical changes that accompany puberty and growth there are emotional, social and behavioural changes. You can get the pill on prescription whatever your age, if your doctor agrees.

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