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Video about laughter and sex:

Funny Videos 2016 (Try not to laugh or Grin)

Laughter and sex

Sex makes us feel better than most anything in our world. The results are clear, both activities make us feel great. Think back to some of the best times of your life. You naturally know how to enjoy sex. That, my friends is a wonderful thing, because we also love to laugh.

Laughter and sex

Seems to me sex and laughter go together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly! Your sex life is not a stylized, black and white Calvin Klein still image. Sex is supposed to be fun dammit! The results are clear, both activities make us feel great. You naturally know how to enjoy sex. It feels amazing The chemical processes that happen to your brain and body during sex and laughter are similar. You can be mortified and try to continue, or laugh together while still enjoying the act. Sex is naturally humorous Face it, you do it enough, one of you is going to fart. A final tip as we depart. They both make you feel great through the release of endorphins and other chemicals, so why not maximize the feeling? Admit it, from time to time, we all get sucked into these cultural ideals for our lives that are perpetrated by popular media. Sex makes us feel better than most anything in our world. The two are tied together, especially in the bedroom. The images in your mind drift to graduations, births, great nights out with friends, career successes and the like. On the other hand, the rest of the act is fair game. So why, do we buy into this image? Give her your best flexing, aroused, superman pose in the buff before a romp instead of trying to rip off her panties. Laughter runs a close second. The seemingly simple act of changing from one position to another is damn near comical. Laughter is a powerful force for good in our lives. So, in light of these two extremely satisfying activities of gratification, why does our culture seem to frown on interaction between the two? How many times have you made this work? Suddenly we all become amateur gymnasts as we flop around and twist our appendages to find that mutually agreeable place that we begin coupling again. Life has enough stress and serious moments, take the opportunity to make this time all about feeling great together. Clothes are torn, bodies slammed against walls, furniture is knocked over, and the act itself culminates in pelvic cracking thrusts and heaving chests that look more like something from a Crossfit gym than a bedroom. Sex is no different. About the author Scott Parman Scott Parman is a lifelong adventurer, husband, and father who pursues adventures in hiking, motocross racing, mountain biking, fitness, Christian missions, real estate, travel, songwriting, performing live music, education, and personal development.

Laughter and sex

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