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Deciphering the Language of Sex

Linguistic female sex

In this article, I will focus on differences and similarities observed in the dialect speech of male and female informants. Women, Men and Language: In Vasko , it was possible to investigate this, since the data were collected in interviews with 1 one informant and 2 two informants. Harold Orton et al. The Handbook of Language Variation and Change, ed. In families of higher social classes, careful, standard speech was important, and could help in gaining a higher position. Milroy, James and Lesley Milroy, eds.

Linguistic female sex

The Chivers family settled in Cottenham 5 miles from Cambridge in the 17th century. Nonstandard Varieties of Language: Chambers further points out that individual differences are almost as extensive as differences between the sexes. Investigating Language Prescription and Standardisation. However, they occurred somewhat less frequently or in different contexts in the speech of women than in the speech of men. Conversation between Women Friends. Domestic labour had little status cf. The informants and their ancestors had been living in the same restricted area all their lives. University of Bamberg Studies in English Linguistics 38, ed. Center for Applied Linguistics. In Vasko , it was possible to investigate this, since the data were collected in interviews with 1 one informant and 2 two informants. Researchers have also questioned the nature of the relationship established between male sociolinguists and the female informants they have interviewed Romaine Licentiate Thesis, University of Helsinki. The social history of Cambridgeshire working-class men and women is, thus, completely different from that of working-class men and women in North Norfolk, as described by Poussa Poussa , , Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English 4. Working with spoken Discourse. Stockholm Studies in English 84, ed. However, the difference was marginal. Tense Marking in Black English: Essays in Linguistic Theory, vol. Language and social context: Language in Society The tied cottage system tended to keep the farm workers close to home, and encouraged close social networks. Difference and Dominance, ed. Dialect and language variation, ed. Thus, generalizations such as the idea that women use fewer stigmatized and non-standard variants than men need to be re-evaluated along locally-specific, historical and occupational dimensions.

Linguistic female sex

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