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Morning sex tips

Confidence is one of the biggest turn-ons and is very sexy. Preparation is the key for relaxed, smooth, carefree early morning sex. Wake her up in a soft and sensual way. When feeling a little lazier than normal, pillows underneath us can mean that less effort is needed. Use flavoured and scented lubricants to provide a delicious taste and smell.

Morning sex tips

Sex from there will just come naturally. Sensual, soft and gentle touching and kissing will most likely be most appreciated first thing in the morning. Putting a pillow under her butt will lift her up a bit, so you can go deeper than usually. Arouse one another gently. Wake up a little earlier than usual, so that sex is not rushed and time can be taken to enjoy it. Sex releases the powerful feel-good chemical, oxytocin. Use flavoured and scented lubricants to provide a delicious taste and smell. Preparation is the key for relaxed, smooth, carefree early morning sex. Drop inhibitions and concentrate only on giving and receiving pleasure. Use it as an opportunity to dreamily share a scenario with our partners to raise arousal and heighten desire. Engaging in a bit of loving action first thing in the morning will leave us with lasting benefits throughout the day. It means we can skip the gym, having already received a good work out and can head out for the day with a smile breaking out every time our memory slips back to remind us of our early morning activity. Try to wake up at least 40 minutes earlier than she normally does. Many of us need a jolt of caffeine to get us going first thing but clearing time for intimacy with your partner is a much healthier way to wake-up. The benefits of an orgasm ensure our skin glows, our immune system is stronger, reduces stress, improves the memory, burns calories, detoxes the body and increases the bonding between a couple—meaning they have higher levels of connection. Wake up earlier than her, and be discreet about it. Sex from there will just come naturally. Use flavoured and scented lubricants to provide a delicious taste and smell. Often when we wake we still feel a little tired and groggy. Indulging in a quickie in the morning can be just as heated, passionate and erotic. Recognise that the only things that should be important in these moments is a full, authentic and passionate connection between two bodies. Do whatever you need to do to get up before her. Nip to the loo first thing to empty your bladder and have a quick brush of the teeth to freshen breath. While in missionary position, with the female on her back, a pillow or two under her lower back can lift the pelvis to just the right position for an orgasmic position. Her legs on your shoulders. Refer back to the first tip — have breath mints on hand.

Morning sex tips

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  1. If full sex is unwelcome, just use the hands to pleasure one another—or engage in oral sex.

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