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Tantra - Exploring Sacred Sexuality

Sacred sex

When deeply united with your partner, if the man moves more in a circular pattern than in a straight in-and-out pattern, the lovemaking will last much longer. The best guidance is always found within you in life and in the act of sacred sex. It only asks that you show up. They are not us. Trust that your inner guidance will lead you to discover the life and lifestyle perfect for you.

Sacred sex

And for a couple short, inspiring essays on fostering spiritual intimacy in relationships, follow these links: Do you have any views or feelings about sex, sacred or otherwise that might be holding you back from living the kind of life you would love to live? To wrap up this lesson, you are invited to enjoy a little good humor on the topic of relationships. How does this take place? It's something we hardly touch here in the west because we are, for the most part, products of religious dogma that rejects the flesh, women's sexuality, and nature — all very important components of a practice called 'Sacred Sex. But what if I told you the powers of sex can be used for good, that sex can be a form of spirituality? Love doesn't require the condition of perfection. Sex is the way we communicate on a soul level. You are light, you are life. The quintessential feminine is a flow inward towards center. The seven-minute video below beautifully demonstrates this: When two bodies are joined, a very special temple is created through the force of two spirits, two energy fields, blending into one. How have you felt about your sexual relationships? Let it serve as a model for you to create your own. I think we need women to be percent accountable to our own experiences. Our body is an energy system, and different parts of our bodies are different centers of energy. And do your best. In my opinion, tantric sex includes all kinds of sex, rejecting nothing. This includes our sex lives. Kindly support this work of love: I think we need, as women, to understand men are men. These lessons encourage us to explore the places where we are not yet in alignment personally with our commitment to the new paradigm. Breathe in together, exhale together. Should you have it with only one person? When you find yourself feeling sexually frustrated or dissatisfied, open to the desire for deep connection that is beneath this and explore ways to transform your sexual energy, so that it fully supports you in being an amazing force for positive change in this world.

Sacred sex

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  1. Remember the world is your mirror. Trust and respect your own impulses, your own feelings.

  2. We think that it's cute, so desensitized to real heart connection we believe there isn't much happening unless he's beating something up.

  3. To those who have succumbed to all of these subliminal and overt messages, sacred sexuality might even seem like a contradiction in terms.

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