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Video about sex toy demonstration in college class:

Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity Sybian

Sex toy demonstration in college class

In a statement released Thursday, Northwestern University President Morton Shapiro said he was "troubled and disappointed" by the demonstration and called for an investigation. Other students contacted by FoxNews. Bailey said it's "mostly too early to say" if he regrets hosting the demonstration. According to published reports, a couple at the lecture decided that a video the students were watching on the female orgasm was not realistic and gave a live presentation involving the sex toy. The guest lecturer asked the students if they were "ready for a live sex show," student Justin Smith told the Chicago Tribune.

Sex toy demonstration in college class

Melvoin-Berg, who operates a local sex tour, told MyFoxChicago. Bailey is no stranger to controversy. It was entertaining because there were a lot of curious minds, so that was cool. Bailey is no stranger to controversy. Wilson downplayed the controversy, adding students were present because they chose to be and some were actually trying to move closer to the front of the room during the demonstration. The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. University spokesman Al Cubbage has released the following statement regarding the incident: Facebook 0 Twitter 0 livefyre Email Print Northwestern University professor John Michael Bailey allowed a guest lecturer to narrate the use of a sex toy -- referred to as a "fsaw" -- on a woman who was not a Northwestern student during a Feb. The university supports the efforts of its faculty to further the advancement of knowledge. The lecturer, Ken Melvoin-Berg, told the newspaper that the students were told about issues such as safety and consent. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. These desires do not have to be those of anyone else and as long as they involve only consenting adults, they are acceptable. We had a number of them that got closer and closer. Students were also warned prior to the demonstration that the material -- which would not be covered on examinations -- wasn't for the faint of heart. Schapiro said it did not matter that the incident occurred after the class was over, that attendance was voluntarily and that the students were warned of the explicit nature of what they were about to see. Interested attendees were warned five to 10 times about the intense nature of the demonstration, said McCormick senior Nick Wilson, who was present for the after-class event. For senior Nick Wilson, it helped promote a "sex-positive environment," he said. Bailey said it's "mostly too early to say" if he regrets hosting the demonstration. A guest lecturer had been discussing bondage and sexual fetishes during Bailey's human sexuality class. Evanston police say it will be up to the school to determine if the demonstration violated any local ordinances. The demonstration occurred after class, and attendance was optional. Junior Ellen Kourakos told The Daily Northwestern she found the demonstration to be a "little more explicit than expected. Roughly students witnessed the demonstration and no complaints had been received by Northwestern as of Thursday, The Associated Press reported. At that point, Faith Kroll took off her clothes and she and Jim Marcus climbed on the stage and, as about students looked on, the pair demonstrated the use of a motorized device with a phallic object attached to it. This goes for, really, the shock value more than the educational value. Tribune reporter Carlos Sadovi contributed to this story.

Sex toy demonstration in college class

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  1. Michael Bailey's Human Sexuality class, and I am troubled and disappointed by what occurred," he said.

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